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Wedding Styled Shoot // Eugene, OR Wedding Films


We were so excited to work with Stevi Sayler and the amazing collection of local wedding vendors on this “Hunger Games” inspired styled shoot.  The weather turned out amazing and Deep Woods Events just outside Eugene,OR served as the perfect backdrop to feature the amazing work of these local wedding professionals.

Photography – Stevi Sayler
Wedding & Event Planning – Event Crush
Stationery & Event Decor – Little Arrow
Tailgate & Event Rentals – Cornerstone Tailgates & Event Rentals
Wedding Rentals – Stepping Stone Wedding Rentals & Events
Florist – Good Seed Floral Design
Catering – Marche Restaurant
Cake – Noisette Pastry Kitchen
Jewelery – Harry Ritchie’s Jewelers
Makeup – Katie Dix
Dress – Blush Bridal Boutique
Venue – Deep Woods Events

Special thanks to Tiffany & Corey

Oregon Wedding Videographer – Happily Ever After Films

Music by Analog Heart
Licensed through The Music Bed

Filmed on Location June 1st, 2014

We are the 98%


Okay..its not what you think. This morning we were indulging in the enjoyable recollection of past events. More specifically we were reminiscing about our own wedding day nearly 6 years ago.  At the time of our wedding, we had absolutely zero knowledge of the wedding industry. In fact, before we even dived into the planning phase, we decided to pack up our friends and family and head to Mexico for a beach side wedding and celebration. (A good sign you left things until the last minute is when you FIND your wedding dress AND have it tailored the DAY OF the wedding. Where else can you find a seamstress who will tailor a dress for you in under an hour for $25 bucks?..needless to say, we left a good tip)


But back to this morning..As we talked about the great memories of that day, we found ourselves in the position that 98% of other couples who don’t hire a videographer find themselves in.  And that is the unfortunate regret that goes along with not having your wedding filmed. Our memories of that day are fading as the years go by. We know how we felt, but we don’t remember what we said to each other. Our family and friends gave amazing, heartfelt toasts, but we only have photos of us wiping tears away. What we wouldn’t give to have those special moments on film! We have beautiful photos of our wedding day,  yet the sounds and the emotions are forever gone that only a film can bring back to life.

Of all the services that are utilized on your wedding day, you only walk away with your photos, your film, and your dress. There will never be another moment in time where you celebrated or will celebrate with that special group of people. We can tell you 6 years of marriage has flown by and we no longer look and sound the same way we once did…just as someone married 40 years will tell you the same.  A wedding film is so much more than something to share on Facebook or watch once a year on your anniversary. Long after you are gone, your wedding film will serve as a memory that will never be forgotten. Generations of your family will get to enjoy that one moment in time.

No matter who films your wedding, the important thing is to document the day. Please do not be one of the 98%.

Your Wedding in High Definition


Beginning in 2014, we are excited to share that all our wedding films will be delivered in digital format along with Apple TV’s! We are taking this direction for several reasons:

1. DVDs scratch
2.We film in High Definition…We want you to experience your Wedding film in High Definition!
3. DVD’s have limited storage capability. We want to give you more of what you want to see!

How does it work?
1. We send you the digital copies of your Wedding Film and Documentary Edit.
2. You load your wedding films onto your computer’s iTunes.
3. Apple TV does the rest.

Its super simple and you will love the results! As a bonus, you get a great wireless streaming Apple TV to watch all your favorite shows on Netflix and Hulu. (though we trust your wedding film will be on repeat for awhile:)

Still want DVDs to hand off to your parents or extended family? We would be happy to add that in as part of your custom wedding package!

At Happily Ever After Films, we continually strive to offer our couples the best viewing experience possible and are so excited to be able to offer this for 2014!

(for couples that booked in 2013, please inquire how you can take advantage of this great new offer!)

Inspire! Bridal Tour-Spring 2014

We had the privilege again this year of filming the Inspire! Bridal Tour in Eugene OR. This is a unique twist on the traditional bridal show where couples are driven around to different venues that are all decorated as if a wedding were taking place that day. Not only are the venues amazing, but the collection of vendors at each location really adds to the day’s experience.


What better way to start the planning of your big day than in a limo with exclusive access to a seasoned wedding coordinator and her staff! Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride as we travel in style to different wedding venues and meet with the area’s top wedding professionals without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. As Oregon’s only concierge style bridal event, we treat you to an experience like no other bridal or wedding show; and unlike traditional bridal shows, the professionals on this tour have not paid to be showcased. They were chosen for their quality, dedication and excellent service. In short, because they are simply great at what they do!

Tour Producer- Unforgettable Service & Events

Transportation Sponsors
Superior Limo
My Party Bus
Eugene Party Bus
Valley Adventure Limo

Featured Venue’s and Vendors

Parties to Go
Caterer-Hole in the Wall
Alma Catering
Photographer-Mark Longstreet
Sound- Parties to Go Audio/Visual
Florist-Sun Blossoms Floral /
Invitations-Nick and Nora’s
Photo Booth-Blue Bus Creatives
Favors-Elegant Woodworking
Dance-First Dance
Kid’s Entertainment-Young at Heart
Beer & Wine-Cornerstone Tailgates
Helicopter Tour-Konect Aviation
Wardrobe Styling-Urban Fab Styling
Pacific Pub Cycle

Sweet Cheeks Winery
Caterer-Bill & Tim’s BBQ
Cake-The Sassy Cupcake
Photographer-Roman Studios
DJ-BMAC Productions
Florist-Renaissance Flowers

Domaine Meriwether Winery
Caterer-Lewis & Clark Catering Company
Cake-Cakes by JoDee
Photographer-Chea Studio Photography
DJ-BMAC Productions
Florist-Patton’s Country Gardens

Silvan Ridge Winery
Caterer-Carte Blanche
Cake-Soft Peaks Cakery
Photographer-New Morning Photography
Florist-Sun Blossoms Floral

Videography- Happily Ever After Films
Music by Lights & Motion
Licensed through The Music Bed

What is the Wedding Investment?

When we think of wedding investment, our minds instantly turn to cost. And why wouldn’t they? It seems that anytime you add the word wedding to something the cost skyrockets.  While we can’t change the costs of weddings, we can look at the Wedding Investment in a different light.

We often remind our couples in our consultation meetings that we are here to film a wedding, not make a wedding film. We say this to bring the focus of the day back to the reason why we are here in the first place. The most beautiful films are based on one thing…Story. It doesn’t matter how pretty everything looks, or how much money was spent on the dress, or how creative we are in getting the perfect shots. Your wedding film needs to have Your story.

So what is the Wedding Investment in our eyes? Its a couple opening up their lives on their wedding day. Its writing and speaking heartfelt words. Its personal vows describing why you love the person standing in front of you. Its a special gift that cost nothing but means everything. Its spending time together doing something you love.

UntitledFor Krista and Scott, it was a morning jog on their wedding day. They share a passion for physical fitness and value the special times they get to share working out together. For Stacey, it was reading the special words written to her in a card by Paul. And Kelly was deeply moved by the heartfelt book Max put together with love notes they wrote to each other in the early days of their time together.


Focus on your love and the special people in your life on your wedding day.  It is in these special moments that Your story comes to life and truly is the most important investment you can make.